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Hong Kong's Expo history
World Expo '70 Osaka Hong Kong Pavilion
A model of the Hong Kong Pavilion for World Expo '70 in Osaka.

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The Hong Kong Post Office issued a set of two commemorative stamps to mark Hong Kong's participation in Expo '70 in Osaka.

The first day cover with two commemorative stamps to mark Hong Kong's participation in Expo '70 in Osaka.

The theme of the World Expo'70 in Osaka, Japan, was "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" and the theme of the Hong Kong Pavilion was "Enjoyment and Enterprise through Harmony".

The Hong Kong Pavilion covered an area of 3 300 square metres and was designed by British architect Alan Fitch.

The Hong Kong Pavilion was topped with 13 huge orange-red sails and was located on an artificial lake to symbolise Hong Kong's geographical setting as a harbour city.

The building resembled a traditional Chinese junk using authentically trimmed sails and a cluster of masts, which were sunk through the flat-topped roof to the building's foundations.

The Pavilion was divided into three sections:

The first section - "Social Progress" - highlighted the transformation of Hong Kong through the '50s and '60s. This section told the imaginary story of a local Chinese family to reflect the city's social and economic development.

The second section - "Industrial Progress" - depicted Hong Kong's developments in industry and trade. It highlighted Hong Kong's adaptability, diligence, perseverance, ingenuity and dexterity in becoming a producer of high-quality goods for world consumption.

The third section - "Hong Kong's Cultural Heritage" - gave visitors a taste of everyday life in Hong Kong through various exhibits including handicrafts, sculptures, paintings and jade jewellery.

The Pavilion also included a restaurant serving Cantonese food. It was ranked one of the "Ten Best Places to Eat at the Expo".

During the Expo, visitors to the Hong Kong Pavilion were entertained with dancing and fashion parades, as well as performances by Hong Kong pop singers and a Chinese orchestra.

On "Hong Kong Day", which fell on March 19, visitors were treated to a traditional lion dance as well as dance performances by Hong Kong students.

A set of two special stamps and a first day cover were issued by the Hong Kong Post Office to celebrate Hong Kong's participation in the Osaka Expo.