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Hong Kong at Expo 2010

Hong Kong will take this excellent opportunity at Expo 2010 to promote the city as a modern, vibrant and interconnected metropolis with high quality city life built on creativity and innovation.

Hong Kong will build a stand-alone Pavilion, close to the China Pavilion in the centre of the Expo site, under the theme "Hong Kong – Potential Unlimited".

The Hong Kong Pavilion will have three levels with a sleek contemporary look to showcase Hong Kong's global connectivity, the "infinite" imagination and creativity of Hong Kong people, quality city life and rich natural heritage.

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Hong Kong will participate in the first Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) Exhibition at Expo 2010, which will highlight global best practices in sustainable city life.

Under the theme "Smart Card • Smart City • Smart Life", Hong Kong's exhibition will showcase our innovative approach to improving the efficiency and quality of daily life through the extensive use of smart card technology. The potential of smart card technology through innovation and forward-looking design will also be highlighted in a highly interactive and engaging way.