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Design Concept

The Hong Kong Pavilion design is based on the winning entry - the "Pavilion of Infinity" – in a Concept Design Competition staged by the Government in 2008.

The three-level Pavilion has a lofty, transparent chamber that takes up the entire middle level and allows visitors to experience the modernity, openness and transparency of Hong Kong society.

The ground level contains an exhibition hall that will highlight Hong Kong's global connectivity and infinite potential. The ground floor is linked to the middle level by a pedestrian ramp, which will highlight the inter-connectivity of Hong Kong's cityscape.

The mid-level exhibition hall features a huge space to symbolize the openness and transparency of Hong Kong society. Interactive screens and other advanced technology will display content and engage the visitor. A viewing gallery between the mid-level and rooftop will provide visitors with a bird's eye-view of the exhibits and the scenery outside the pavilion.

The upper level will highlight Hong Kong's connectivity to nature, with an exhibition on Hong Kong's wetland environment. Natural landscaping and the subtle application of graphics will provide visitors with a first-hand experience of the proximity of nature to the built environment, and the importance of Hong Kong's large swathes of green areas to enjoyable and sustainable living.