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Our Pavilion Experience

Come and learn about Hong Kong's global connectivity and how this places Hong Kong at the hub of economic activity in East and Southeast Asia.

Hong Kong Pavilion – Pavilion Signage
Hong Kong Pavilion –
Pavilion Signage

The distinctive red sign at the entrance of the Pavilion uses a unique typeface designed especially for the Hong Kong Pavilion by respected Hong Kong designer Eric Chan.

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Queueing Area –
Sites and Sounds of Hong Kong

Visitors will be immersed in the day-to-day sounds of Hong Kong, ranging from the ‘doot doot doot’ that precedes the closing of the doors on an MTR train, to the clash and clang of a Lion Dance drums and cymbals, to the calls for dim sum delicacies in a local tea house.

The main graphic treatment on the queueing area wall features Hong Kong icons and the faces of Hong Kong people.

The muted, grey graphic is offset by the vibrant colours displayed on four LCD/Plasma screens that will show visitors the sites and attractions of Hong Kong as a ‘Gourmet City’, ‘Festive City’ and a ‘Connected City’.


Hong Kong Happy Snap

Visitors will be able to take a snap of themselves in one of three Hong Kong scenarios featuring a Hong Kong tram, a seafood restaurant and Cantonese Opera. The snaps can be e-mailed back home by the visitor via an interactive keyboard.

Connected to the Global Village

The first exhibition area is designed in the style of a cinema lobby and features information on Hong Kong’s connectivity to the world and the Mainland. A 2-minute video and special display panels provide an overview of Hong Kong’s airport, port, railway network and highway infrastructure.

“Hong Kong – Potential Unlimited”
3D Movie Experience

A visual feast using the latest 3D technology provides visitors with a memorable experience of Hong Kong as a colourful and vibrant metropolis brimming with creativity and contrasts.

The video was produced by leading production company Digital Magic Limited, while storyboard and rendering was carried out by award-winning 3D movie makers Menfond Electronic Art & Computer Design Co Ltd.

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