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Our Pavilion Experience
Connected: Ideas, Information and Diversity

Come and learn about how the free flow of ideas, information, news, views, capital and people are all interconnected to create the world's freest economy, where East blends with West to create a free, open and tolerant society that's fully plugged into the global village.

Hong Kong Pavilion – Pavilion Signage
Transition Ramp –
Cultural Kaleidoscope

Visitors leave the 3D cinema area via a series of rampways that eventually connect to the Mid Level of the pavilion. During the first transition visitors are treated to a video featuring a cultural kaleidoscope of Hong Kong’s performing arts and creative industries.

Walking upwards, the right-hand wall shows a giant, posterised view of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline.


Installation lighting artpiece -
The Infinite Constellation

Suspended in the Atrium Space is an eye-catching lighting artpiece designed by the students and staff of the Hong Kong Design Institute under the VTC. The artpiece has taken humble red plastic lights commonly found in wet markets and transformed them into a beautiful lighting sculpture that reflects infinitely off the mirrored wall tiles inside the Atrium Space.

news photo

Mirror Tunnel

Before entering the Mid Level, visitors transit through a mirror tunnel, which provides infinite reflections of those walking through. The floor lighting is interactive so visitors not only connect to the Hong Kong Pavilion, they can also connect to each other.

Mid Level

The high ceiling and glass façade of the Mid Level Exhibition Hall symbolises Hong Kong’s openness and transparency and the connectivity of ideas, information and diversity. Four pillars showcase different aspects of Hong Kong’s creativity and connectivity.


Viewing Gallery

An elevated walkway takes visitors from the Mid Level to the rooftop. Here, visitors can see some of the people who live and work in Hong Kong and others who visit the city in a photo and video exhibitions displayed on top of two Mid Level pillars. The photos and videos are part of the Brand Hong Kong revitalisation programme and its ‘Faces of Hong Kong’ campaign.

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