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News Highlights

HK financial services delegation visits Exhibition Hall of 2010 Shanghai Expo

On the last day of the visit in Shanghai, the financial services delegation led by the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Professor K C Chan, visited the Exhibition Hall for the 2010 Shanghai Expo today (August 14). The Director General of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Co-ordination, Mr Hong Hao, briefed members of the delegation on the work progress of the Shanghai Expo Exhibition to be held next year.

Touring around the Exhibition Hall, Professor Chan said, "The Shanghai Expo is a mega event and will draw worldwide attention. The HKSAR Government is greatly honoured to have the opportunity to take part in the event and attaches great importance to it.

"We believe that participation in the World Expo will bring great benefits to our country, to Shanghai and to Hong Kong in various aspects," Professor Chan added.

Professor Chan said, "Hong Kong is fully committed to its participation in the Shanghai Expo and will make use of this platform to introduce and promote Hong Kong as a world city to both local and overseas visitors. The event will also provide a good opportunity for Hong Kong to see for itself the advanced experience in other places."

During the six-month Expo, Hong Kong will hold various promotional activities to publicise Hong Kong's advantages and strengths, such as those of the industries relating to financial services, sustainable way of living, tourism, cultural and innovative development.

Located near the China Pavilion in the Expo Park, the Hong Kong Pavilion will be under the theme "Hong Kong - a City with Unlimited Potential" to showcase the city's connectivity and creativity.