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News Highlights

HKIA Unveils Exhibition at Hong Kong Pavilion in Shanghai (Released by HKIA)

(HONG KONG, 23 May 2010) – Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) today launched an exhibition at the Hong Kong Pavilion in Shanghai for the World Expo. Officiating at the opening ceremony were Stanley Hui Hon-chung, Chief Executive Officer of Airport Authority Hong Kong, and Patrick Chan Chi-king, Commissioner, HKSAR Expo Affairs Office.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Hui said, "We are delighted and honoured to host the HKIA exhibition at the Shanghai Expo. A key element of the Hong Kong Pavilion is global connectivity, and HKIA is the best example of this given its extensive air, land and sea transportation network. As a result, the airport plays a key role facilitating economic, cultural and social exchange with the rest of the world, leading to better quality of life in Hong Kong."

HKIA's global connectivity also enables it to play a pivotal role supporting major economic pillars of Hong Kong including financial services, trading and logistics, and tourism. "Demand for aviation services is set to grow in the many years to come, given the robust Mainland economy, Hong Kong's strategic geographical location and its status as a leading international and regional hub," added Mr Hui.

Mr Hui explained, however, that for HKIA to continue to contribute to Hong Kong's economy and that of the Pearl River Delta, the airport must be equipped with sufficient capacity to meet future demand. "Airport infrastructure is expensive and takes time to build. Studies are being conducted to address medium and long-term growth needs of the airport," said Mr Hui.

Commissioner, HKSAR Expo Affairs Office, Patrick Chan Chi-king said, "Hong Kong connects to the world seamlessly due to its advantageous geographic location and superior transport infrastructure system. It is most appropriate for the HKIA to stage this thematic exhibition at the Hong Kong Pavilion to introduce the various edges and outstanding services of our airport to people from all parts of the world visiting our pavilion."

Located at the Atrium of the Hong Kong Pavilion, the HKIA exhibition will open to Expo visitors every day from 23 May to 22 June. The exhibition showcases HKIA's global air connectivity, seamless land and sea connection with the Pearl River Delta and Macao, and world-class facilities and service. In addition, the exhibition introduces HKIA's commitment to minimising impact on the environment and maintaining a green airport.