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News Highlights

HK Ballet brings thought-provoking trilogy to Shanghai Expo

The Hong Kong Ballet kicked off Hong Kong's dance series at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) this evening (June 4) with three stunning pieces of different styles and themes.

Entitled "Summer Delights", the trilogy was presented at the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre to a near full audience with 98% attendance rate including the Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Tsang Tak-sing, and the Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Raymond Young.

The first piece, "Firecracker", by Hong Kong-based choreographer Yuri Ng, was a re-interpretation of the traditional festive favourite "The Nutcracker". It explored the history of Hong Kong when the city was experiencing a changing social landscape and accelerating economic development in the late 1960s.

Mr Ng said: "Watching 'Firecracke' is similar to viewing film trailers of nostalgic Cantonese movies featuring a go-go dance, brightly coloured costumes, dramatic hairdos and dazzling accessories.

"Through past events and memories, the dance serves as a reminder for us to make the most of the present."

In addition to Hong Kong Ballet's "Firecracker" and "Hard Rock" performed by the Yat Po Singers, Mr Ng will also direct/choreograph the closing performance of Hong Kong's Expo programme – "A Soldier's Story" by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta – on October 22.

Completing the opening night "Summer Delights" trilogy were "Steptext" by the world acclaimed William Forsythe, and "In Light and Shadow" by Poland's renowned Krzysztof Pastor.

Other Hong Kong dance performances at Shanghai Expo in June and July include the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Dance's "Crossing Borders" and "Arts?Travel?Two Cities"; the City Contemporary Dance Company's "DELT-- site-specific dance gala" and "Tales of Two Cities - Hong Kong?Shanghai?Eileen Chang"; and the Hong Kong Dance Company's "Qingming Riverside".

For programme details and ticketing information please visit the Event Calendar section on Hong Kong's Expo website, www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk.