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News Highlights

PSCT to attend creative industries forum in Shanghai

The Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology), Miss Elizabeth Tse, will attend the Chinese Creative Industries Forum (CCIF) in Shanghai tomorrow morning (June 19). She will take part in the cross-sector dialogue session to share experiences with stakeholders of creative industries from Greater China.

Participants in the dialogue session will include Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr Tu Guangshao, and Deputy Mayor of Taipei City, Ms Lee Yong-ping.

The CCIF is organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Cultures in collaboration with Hong Kong Design Centre and Zuni Icosahedron, with sponsorship from the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. It aims to build a systematic network among creative industries in cities in Greater China, covering creative industries parks, academics, decision makers, practitioners and the media.

The forum seeks to strengthen the exchange of information in the region through four strategic applied research areas: a comparative study on creative industries development in Chinese cities, an analysis of creative industries enterprises and parks in Greater China, a comparative research project on tertiary education for creative industries and creative education in Greater China, and a study on leading Chinese creative industries professionals. The research findings will provide useful reference for the formulation of policies on developing creative industries in Hong Kong.

The preliminary research findings will be released at the forum, where a series of group discussions will be held to refine the findings. This research will help build in Hong Kong a knowledge base for creative industries research, further enhancing our position as the creative capital in the region.

Miss Tse will also visit the "Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies - Business, Living, Creativity" Design Exhibition being staged by the Hong Kong Design Centre in Shanghai. A major project funded by the CreateSmart Initiative under Create Hong Kong, the exhibition is one of the signature programmes organised by Hong Kong during the period of Expo 2010 Shanghai China. It features the masterpieces of more than 40 internationally renowned Hong Kong designers in a variety of creative genres and sculptures expressing the personal style of 50 young Hong Kong designers, with a view to showing visitors from around the world the vibrancy and characteristics of Hong Kong designers, while enhancing communication between creative industry talent in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Miss Tse will return to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon.