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News Highlights

HK Pavilion takes shape on eve of 200-day countdown to World Expo (with photos)

The structure of the Hong Kong Pavilion at World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) was completed today (October 12) - on the eve of the 200-day countdown to the mega event.

Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, and Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai City, Mr Yang Xiong, marked the occasion with tree planting at the Hong Kong Pavilion site.

The pavilion has three exhibition levels, each highlighting a different aspect of Hong Kong's connectivity and creativity.

The theme of the top level is "connectivity to nature". It showcases Hong Kong's rich natural heritage and the way in which the compact urban cityscape co-exists sustainably with extensive swathes of greenbelt, wetland and woodland areas that cover almost 70% of Hong Kong.

"The timely completion of the structure of the Hong Kong Pavilion marks a major milestone in our preparation for the Shanghai Expo.

"It has been made possible with the concerted efforts of various parties involved in Hong Kong and Shanghai, in particular the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Co-ordination (SEB).

"Interior fittings and installation of exhibits will soon start with the aim of completing all works before end-March 2010, in time for the trial run planned by the SEB.

"We attach great importance to this invaluable opportunity to showcase the unique positioning of Hong Kong as Asia's world city.

"I invite you to experience the special charm of Hong Kong by visiting the Hong Kong Pavilion and our exhibition at the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) during the Shanghai Expo period," Mr Tang said at the ceremony.

Also present at the structure completion ceremony were Secretary for Transport and Housing, Ms Eva Cheng; Permanent Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Joshua Law; Director, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs, Shanghai, Mr Patrick Chan; Deputy Director of Information Services (Shanghai Expo), Mrs Ella Tam; and Expo Co-ordinator, Mr Victor Ng.

The SEB is also launching a series of activities to mark the 200-day countdown to the Shanghai Expo.

These include a display at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre in which Hong Kong's participation in the Expo will be featured.

There will also be an Expo Forum on Creativity and City's Future where the Deputy Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications & Technology), Mr Alan Siu, will present the theme of Hong Kong's UBPA exhibition - "Smart Card, Smart City, Smart Life" on October 16.

The HKSAR Government has committed $346 million in funding for Hong Kong's Expo presence.

Under the theme "Hong Kong - A City with Unlimited Potential", the Hong Kong Pavilion will highlight the city's unique characteristics and creativity as well as its connectivity with the Mainland and the rest of the world.

The stand-alone Hong Kong Pavilion, located at the southwest forecourt of the China Pavilion, occupies a site of 637 square metres on the Pudong side of the Expo site. It will have an exhibition area of about 800 square metres.

Upon completion, the pavilion will have a sleek and contemporary look. The middle level is mostly transparent giving the pavilion a distinctive image that symbolises the infinite imagination and creativity of Hong Kong people.

The design of the pavilion is based on the winning entry - the "Pavilion of Infinity" - of a concept design competition held by the HKSAR Government in 2008.

Apart from the pavilion, Hong Kong will also participate in the UBPA Exhibition to demonstrate how the extensive use of smart card technology has improved efficiency and the quality of city life.

Hong Kong will also take part in the Expo Shanghai Online project by constructing a "virtual" pavilion on the Internet to provide a platform for netizens around the world to experience the Hong Kong Pavilion and UBPA Exhibition in cyberspace.

During the six-month Expo period from May 1 to October 31, 2010, a range of activities and events promoting Hong Kong will also be held, including a "Hong Kong Week" in October 2010.