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News Highlights

100 Hong Kong volunteers pledge to serve at Shanghai Expo (Released by Hong Kong-Shanghai Youth Exchange Promotion Association)

The number of daily visitors to the Expo 2010 Shanghai has been soaring since its opening. To help receive hundreds of thousands of Expo visitors on a daily basis, 100 Hong Kong volunteers who had been selected and trained by the Hong Kong-Shanghai Youth Exchange Promotion Association pledge to serve at the Shanghai Expo next month. These 100 Hong Kong volunteers today received a flag from Mr Xu Weiguo, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, and Mr Henry Tang Ying-yen, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong. In addition, 600 local university students will go to Shanghai to explore the Expo next month.

The 100 volunteers comprise of 40 males and 60 females aged from 18 to 65. Forty of them had served either at the Beijing Olympic Games or East Asian Games. The 100 volunteers today attended the Inauguration Ceremony for Hong Kong Volunteers and Universities Experiential Tour for Expo 2010 Shanghai held in Youth Square, Chai Wan.

“Hong Kong volunteers have a strong sense of hospitality and are good in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. As such, a total of 100 Hong Kong volunteers are selected. This outnumbers the quota of 30 volunteers assigned to any single province and municipality in the mainland,” remarked Mr Andrew Yao, President of Hong Kong-Shanghai Youth Exchange Promotion Association.

“Hong Kong citizens are very enthusiastic about serving at the Expo 2010 Shanghai. We had received about 1,000 applications for volunteering at the Expo. We short-listed over 200 for interviews and finally selected the best 100 volunteers. They will be assigned to work at popular exhibition sites such as China Pavilion, Hong Kong Pavilion and Expo-axis. They will have a first-hand experience in this historical event,” added Mr Andrew Yao.

In addition, a group of 600 university students from Hong Kong will go to Shanghai for an experiential tour from 4 to 8 July to visit Expo 2010 Shanghai, attend the Youth Week of Expo 2010 and have exchanges with volunteers from mainland universities in order to further understand the force behind the volunteer’s dedication for the Expo. They will also present exquisite badges to volunteers in designated areas within a specified period to express their encouragement and gratitude. The representative of the university students had received a flag from Mr Wang Zhimin, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Officiating guests of the Inauguration Ceremony for Hong Kong Volunteers and Universities Experiential Tour for Expo 2010 Shanghai also included Ms Lui Kit Yuk, Grace, JP, Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs of Hong Kong, Ms Kinnie Wong Kit-yee, Acting Deputy Secretary, Constitutional & Mainland Affairs, and Mr Bunny Chan, Chairman with the Commission on Youth.

Singer Mr Eason Chan was appointed as an “Expo 2010 volunteer ambassador”, and performed the song "By Your Side", the volunteer theme song of Expo 2010 Shanghai, at the ceremony.

About Hong Kong-Shanghai Youth Exchange Promotion Association
Hong Kong-Shanghai Youth Exchange Promotion Association is committed to promoting exchanges between Hong Kong and Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Yangtze River Delta, with Shanghai as the focus. It is dedicated to undertake long-term initiatives including the promotion of national education and exchanges. Through organizing various exchange activities between Hong Kong and Shanghai, it aims to increase recognition of the country and nationality among the teenagers of the two areas, promote Chinese culture, facilitate social harmonic development, provide a platform for cultural, economic, commercial, trading and technological exchanges. All these are aimed to broaden the horizon and cultivate a global mindset, as well as to strengthen the communication between the young entrepreneurs from the two areas and dedicate to economic prosperity of the two places. The association has been recently commissioned by the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination as the centre for Hong Kong district volunteers, responsible for planning and arranging the recruitment, selection and training of Hong Kong volunteers.