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News Highlights

Hong Kong Pavilion videos for Shanghai Expo win international awards (with photos/videos)

Local production company Film Magic has scooped two international awards for video presentations at the Hong Kong Pavilion for Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo).

A team of international judges at the 43rd US International Film and Video Festival, which attracted more than 1,000 entries from 25 countries, awarded Film Magic second place in two categories. The results were announced from Los Angeles via the Internet on June 10, 2010.

Hong Kong's main theme 3D video, "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited", earned Film Magic second place in the Production Techniques: Animation, Silver Screen Award, while the rooftop video showing wetland wildlife took second place in the Production Techniques: Direction, Silver Screen Award.

Film Magic was appointed by Gammon Construction Limited, the design and build contractor of the Hong Kong Pavilion, to provide video production services for the Pavilion.

Film Magic's production director, Mr Percy Fung, said all the creative and production input for the videos was completed by local Hong Kong talent under intense pressure.

"The process of the production was a very tough one," Mr Fung said.

"We faced the highest expectations from the public and the Steering Committee for HKSAR's Participation in Shanghai Expo 2010, as well as meeting a competitive budget, time and scheduling."

The 3D movie "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited" provides visitors to the Pavilion with a memorable experience of Hong Kong as a colourful and vibrant metropolis brimming with creativity and contrasts.

Mr Fung praised the animation project team at Menfond Electronic Art and Computer Design Co Ltd, as well as Schtung Music International for their contributions to the success of the 3D movie.

Menfond co-founder, Mr Eddy Wong, said, "Together, our animation technologies, 3D rendering and the quality of 3D has earned us international recognition.

"Being at Shanghai Expo is great exposure for us and for Hong Kong so I would like to thank the HKSAR Government for this chance to reach such a wide audience both in Shanghai and online."

The rooftop wetland wildlife video highlights some of the many species found in Hong Kong's wetland environment. The video includes eye-catching sand-art renderings of some species.

Mr Fung said the creative use of sand drawings by local artist Sham King-yuen was a particularly striking feature.

"Director Li Cheuk-fai is very pleased with this short film," Mr Fung said.

"The shooting took him more than 10 days, and on some days it took a large crew with more than 10 cameras to capture the long-awaited action shots.

"We are very grateful to the HKSAR Government for this opportunity to display our company's creativity to the rest of the world at Shanghai Expo."

Exit surveys conducted at the Hong Kong Pavilion show that the 3D movie and the rooftop garden, where the nature video is displayed, are consistently the main attractions for visitors.

Film Magic also provided production services for Shanghai Expo's China Theme Pavilion and the Oil Industry Pavilion.

Visit www.filmfestawards.com for full details of the annual US International Film and Video Festival Awards.

For more details about Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo, please visit www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk .