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News Highlights

Travel tips series for visitors to Shanghai Expo during summer holidays

A five-part series on practical travel tips for visitors to World Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) during the summer holiday is being rolled out from today (July 12).

The first and second episodes will give visitors important advice regarding transportation inside and outside Expo Park as well as tips on ticketing.

Part three helps visitors prepare for the hot weather in Shanghai at this time of year and also provides useful information on souvenir shops, Expo passports and special stamps or "chops" for the passports.

The fourth part of the series will give Expo visitors helpful tips on using reservation facilities as well as information about first aid services and restaurants.

The fifth and final part will highlight not-to-be-missed cultural performances to be staged during Hong Kong Week in Shanghai at the Baosteel Stage and Celebration Square, and along the parade route in Bo Cheng Road.

Hong Kong Week, from October 18 to 22, will provide a tremendous opportunity to showcase Hong Kong's creativity, with over 15 events and activities planned during this period both inside and outside Expo Park.

The five-part series will be rolled out daily via various multimedia platforms including Hong Kong's Expo website, www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk, the Shanghai Expo Youtube channel, www.youtube.com/hkexpo2010, and Youku channel, http://u.youku.com/hkexpo2010.

Visitors are also encouraged to share their own Expo experiences via the interactive platforms and give advice to people planning to visit Shanghai Expo.

Hong Kong has a strong Expo presence with the focal point being a stand-alone Hong Kong Pavilion under the theme "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited". The city is also taking part in the Urban Best Practices Area Exhibition under the theme "Smart Card · Smart City · Smart Life" and has a presence in Expo Shanghai Online.

More than 55 events and activities are being staged by Hong Kong during the six-month Expo period to showcase the city as a modern, vibrant and interconnected metropolis.

For more details on Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo, please visit www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk.