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News Highlights

Dialogue between young creative talents of Hong Kong and Shanghai to inject vigour into Hong Kong Creative Ecologies (Released by the Hong Kong Design Centre)

Thematic Exhibition and Seminar
on new media, illustration design and business success

The Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) will stage an exciting new exhibition – “A Better Tomorrow” – from 21 July at The Bridge 8 Phase III, 550 Jumen Road, Luwan District, Shanghai.

The exhibition is one of the main thematic components of the HKDC’s six-month “Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies – Business, Living, Creativity” exhibition being staged as an official HKSAR programme for Expo 2010 Shanghai.

"Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies" demonstrates the development of creative industries in Hong Kong and their close relationship with the ever-evolving city, mainly through the works of designers.

"A Better Tomorrow" will focus on the thriving growth of emerging Hong Kong designers. It is designed to provide a platform for communication for the mainland of China and for Hong Kong as well as international designers, encouraging young talent to come forward.

Fifty emerging Hong Kong designers are participating in "A Better Tomorrow", which will be divided into three phases in July, August and September, namely:

  • "A better July" will introduce the new media and illustrative designs of Hong Kong youth and its achievements in business;
  • "A better August" will introduce graphic, product and space design; and
  • "A better September" will introduce fashion and accessory design.

Young designers will be invited to Shanghai by the Hong Kong Design Centre to exchange ideas with Mainland creative talents and entrepreneurs, and will have the opportunity to discuss their enthusiasm for design.

"A better July" will enable well-known young designers from Hong Kong to display their representative pieces in Shanghai.

The theme is designed to demonstrate how new media and illustration design can communicate with the public in innovative ways, and develop multi-faceted applications.

In recent years, personalised illustrations have evolved via different media from old, independent two-dimensional creations, into the innovative promotional creation of commercial brands and even public institutions, and have yielded brilliant results locally and internationally.

Carrie Chau, the popular Hong Kong illustrator famous for her brand Wun Ying collection, has collaborated with a number of well-known brands including Nokia, Fendi and Nike.

Local creative team Postgal.com has won a number of international awards with its comics and animations. Their collaborations range from mug design for Bossini, to the train body illustration for MTR.

Other participating illustrators include Kathy Kuk and Chan Ka Tat, founders of Graphicairlines, the 2D and 3D illustration brand; female comic artist Lily Lau; Miloza Ma, one of the key graphic creators of the local design brand Dream Capsule; Toby Yeung, the illustrator of tobyHK; Ronan Leung, who has collaborated with several well-known brands like Giordano and Nike; and Dorophy Tang, who demonstrates a creative cultural mix of East and West.

The rapid evolution of technology has created many opportunities for co-operation with brands for new media designers.

Kingsley Ng, for example, one of the participating new media designers, has his works being exhibited in Japan, France, Italy and Canada and has won numerous awards. In this exhibition he presents his music machine, an antique loom with computer audio equipment installed, injecting new life into the old.

Other participants include Chris Cheung, the mixed media designer and Henry Chu, the new media art and interactive web designer.

In a seminar and workshop to be held on 24 July, illustrators Ronan Leung, Toby Yeung, John Chan from postgal.com and new media designers including Henry Chu, Kingsley Ng and Chris Cheung, will discuss their experience and enthusiasm for design with creative talents in the Mainland, including Shanghai design students and other young designers.

Henry Chu said: "The exhibition shows how Hong Kong's unique creative environment triggers new creativity. It outlines our concept, creativity and vision. We look forward to fostering new sparks through more exchange between the two cities.”

Freeman Lau, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Hong Kong Design Centre, said: "The collaboration of the creative industries of Shanghai and Hong Kong is not limited to these remarkable designers, but also provides space for development for young designers which, in return, encourages collaboration among designers from these two cities. Through this event we hope to show Hong Kong's vibrant charm and its emerging designers, and to allow visitors to experience the vigour and prospects for Hong Kong’s creativity."

About “Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies – Business, Living, Creativity”
Launched by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), the six-month multi-faceted programme “Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies” from 15 May to 31 October comprising an exhibition and educational forums to promote the energy, style, innovation and branding power of Hong Kong designers to the mainland China and global audiences. It is an official element of the Hong Kong SAR’s programme of activities and events for Expo 2010 Shanghai.

About the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)
Since its inception in 2001, the Hong Kong Design Centre has been a key player partnering with the Hong Kong SAR Government in promoting design. It collaborates with local, mainland and international industries and business partners as well as design and educational institutions to encourage creativity, a wider use of design in the business processes, raise designer’ professional standards, and promote a greater appreciation in the community of how design contributes to a better quality of life.

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Ruder Finn Asia
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Thematic Exhibition and Seminar “A Better Tomorrow” Part I:
“A Better July”
Programme details

Theme: New Media and Illustrations
Period: 21 July – 15 August 2010
Venue: The Bridge 8 III, 550 Jumen Road, Lu Wan District, Shanghai
Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 1:00 - 4:30pm
Venue: Rm 8601, The Bridge 8 III, 550 Jumen Road, Lu Wan District, Shanghai
Speakers: Ronan Leung, Toby Yeung, Postgal Workshop (John Chan), Henry Chu, Kingsley Ng and Chris Cheung

For enquiry and reservation, please contact:
Dong Ying (Shanghai)
Telephone:+86 13761551462
E-mail: dongying@creativeecologies.hk

Jaime Chan (Hong Kong)
Telephone:+852 37938449
E-mail: Jaime.chan@hkdesigncentre.org