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News Highlights

"Hong Kong at Shanghai Expo" Fun Day to be held on Christmas Day

A fun day to promote Hong Kong's participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) will be held on December 25 (Friday) at the 44th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE) at Victoria Park.

Members of the public are invited to take part in the fun day to get a taste of what Hong Kong is planning for the Expo and to share the festive Christmas Day mood.

The Fun Day, jointly organised by the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau of the HKSARG, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong and China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited, will be held from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm at the centre stage of the HKBPE.

A highlight of the day will be performances by pop stars who will sing some of their hits to show their support for Hong Kong's participation in the Shanghai Expo.

Shanghai Expo mascot Haibao will join participants to play games that have been specially designed under the Expo theme. Games winners will have chance to get special Expo-themed souvenirs.

The "Hong Kong at Shanghai Expo" Fun Day is part of a series of activities organised by the Government at the HKBPE to promote Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo.

Other Expo promotional activities at the HKBPE include an exhibition introducing the Shanghai Expo and Hong Kong's participation in the mega event; a "Connect to Hong Kong at Shanghai Expo" game zone; and, the "HKBPE: Best Wishes to Expo 2010 Shanghai China" wishing stars for members of the public to pen their own words of encouragement and support for Shanghai Expo.

Hong Kong's Expo involvement covers four aspects: constructing and operating a stand-alone pavilion under the theme of "Hong Kong – A City with Unlimited Potential" to showcase the infinite imagination and creativity of Hong Kong; taking part in the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) exhibition with "Smart Card.Smart City.Smart Life" as the theme; organising a series of activities and performances in and outside Expo site during the Expo period; and building a "virtual pavilion" as well as a "virtual UBPA exhibition" for the Expo Shanghai Online project to provide netizens with a realistic, virtual experience of Hong Kong's participation.

More information on Hong Kong's participation in Shanghai Expo can be obtained from the website www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk.