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News Highlights

Crowds wowed by unique Hong Kong Pop-Up Parade at Expo (with photos /video)

The Hong Kong Week Parade created a happy buzz in the Expo Park today (October 18) with a unique and creative giant pop-up book delighting the crowds.

Crowds packed Bocheng Road as the 130-strong "Hong Kong Pop-Up!" parade made its way along the 1.5-kilometre route in an Expo first.

The parade centrepiece was a giant pop-up book, measuring 5.5 metres by 3.5 metres by 3.5 metres that showcases five aspects of Hong Kong's lifestyle - "Opportunity Unlimited", "Action Unlimited", "Green Unlimited", "Creativity Unlimited" and "Festivals Unlimited".

Familiar Hong Kong sights and scenes popped up as 50 dancers from six local schools and institutes performed energetic and entertaining moves in the five scenes especially choreographed by popular hip-hop master High King.

The five themes also reflect the theme of the Hong Kong Pavilion at Expo - "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited".

The giant pop-up book was designed and produced with the advice and creative talent of Kit Lau, the creator of the original "Hong Kong Pop-Up" book, as well as the winners of the Hong Kong Pavilion Concept Design Competition, Ida Sze and Billy Chan.

The parade opened with the ever-popular Hong Kong Police Band playing traditional military marching band music, Scottish folk dance music, pop music and jazz.

Adding to the fun was a troupe of cuddly mascots from Ocean Park, and a walking feast of giant Hong Kong food favourites such as milk tea, egg tart, mooncake and fish ball sticks.

The parade will be held daily at noon on Bocheng Road until the end of Hong Kong Week on October 22 (except October 20, when the parade will start at 1pm).

The final three days of the parade will be boosted by the presence of the Saturday Night Jazz Band to provide a funky finish to the spectacle.

During Hong Kong Week, close to 1,000 performers and staff members from 12 organisations will present more than 20 events and performances.

This will include a dazzling array of events and activities covering music, dance, Cantonese opera, film, fashion, design art and innovative applications. For details, please visit www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk.