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News Highlights

Hong Kong's trailblazing use of RFID and other smart card technologies comes under the spotlight at Expo 2010 Shanghai (Released by GS1 Hong Kong)

Outstanding creativity in use of technologies by businesses and researchers recognised by Hong Kong Smart City+ Awards

Hong Kong – October 21, 2010 – Hong Kong is showing the rest of the world how it is done at Expo 2010 Shanghai with the Hong Kong Smart City+ Forum. The event, which took place today and was jointly organised by GS1 Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Public Key Infrastructure Forum Limited showcased
Hong Kong's innovative use of Radio Frequent Identification (RFID) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies used in smart cards. The industry forum, which is a Hong Kong SAR programme for Expo 2010 Shanghai with its underlying theme of “Smart Card.Smart City.Smart Life,” was a key part of the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) Exhibition during the Hong Kong Week of Shanghai Expo.

Expo 2010 Shanghai is one of the biggest events of its kind, capturing attention globally and providing a valuable platform for Hong Kong to demonstrate its success in harnessing innovation. It also provides an opportunity for early adopters of RFID and PKI smart card technologies in Hong Kong and Shanghai to share their experiences on how to maximise the potential of these technologies, both in business and everyday life.

The Forum's opening ceremony was jointly hosted by Pan Yonghua, Head of Educational Department, HKSAR Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government; HKSAR government officials Elizabeth Tse, JP, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development; Jeremy Godfrey, Government Chief Information Officer; along with Clement Cheung, Postmaster General, Hongkong Post; as well as Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; William Leung Wing Cheung, Executive Director and Head of Personal Banking of Hang Seng Bank; Joseph Phi, Chairman, GS1 Hong Kong; Du Lian, Executive Vice Chairman, China PKI Consortium and Hong Kong PKI Forum Chairperson Winston Leong. Elizabeth Tse was a guest of honour at the event, and made the opening remarks. More than 300 industry figures and academics from Hong Kong and the mainland listened to keynote addresses from Zhou Weidong, Head of IT Bureau for Shanghai Expo, and William Leung Wing Cheung, Executive Director and Head of Personal Banking of Hang Seng Bank. The speakers discussed their experiences and offered insights into the existing applications and future potential of RFID and PKI smart card technologies.

Morning sessions at the forum were followed by the Hong Kong Smart City+ Awards presentation. Awards went to Hong Kong businesses and researchers judged to have demonstrated excellence in innovating and deploying RFID or PKI-based smart card technologies, different levels of recognition being given. Following the presentation, award winners used case-studies to illustrate in greater detail how these technologies could be deployed to sustain Hong Kong's competitiveness, enable business efficiencies and improve the quality of life of Hong Kong residents.

”We are delighted that the event was such a success. While Hong Kong has long enjoyed a reputation for being at the cutting-edge in the way it applies new technology, there are a number of other cities in the region which are seen in the same light, so there is no room for complacency. The Smart City+ Forum gave Hong Kong a richly-deserved opportunity to show that we are still very much a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business- and application-driven innovation. The programme offered a rare opportunity for the academics, experts, and entrepreneurs of both Hong Kong and Shanghai to come together to directly exchange views and ideas on how technologies like RFID and smart card technology can be used to create a better quality of life and advance commerce," said Anna Lin, Chief Executive, GS1 Hong Kong.

A panel of early adopters of, and experts in RFID and PKI technologies also discussed how these technologies were helping to realise the “Smart Card.Smart City.Smart Life” vision, as well as how they could be applied in the future. Multimedia presentations were used to demonstrate how smart card technology is already being used in Hong Kong, and why it is seen as a pioneer in the field.

"Enhancing public and industry knowledge of new PKI products and services is central to the Hong Kong PKI Forum's mission," said Winston Leong, Chairman of Hong Kong PKI Forum. "We aimed to make the most of this opportunity to showcase the novel, creative applications of RFID and smart card technology underway in Hong Kong at the moment. Today, and in front of an international audience, we have done just that."

The Hong Kong Smart City+ Forum today offered a unique opportunity not just to recognise Hong Kong enterprises and students who have harnessed innovative technologies, but also to enhance mutual business, technology and supply chain excellence exchanges between Hong Kong and Shanghai.

About GS1 Hong Kong

Founded in 1989 by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, GS1 Hong Kong is a not-for-profit industry support organisation. It is committed to enhancing Hong Kong enterprises’ competitiveness through the provision of global supply chain standards, best practices and enabling technologies. As GS1’s local chapter, GS1 Hong Kong is authorised to issue and administer GS1 identification numbers in Hong Kong. Standards and solutions offered include bar coding services, B2B e-commerce services, Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) and Electronic Product Code TM / Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID). The organisation also hosts a wide range of training courses to facilitate knowledge transfer for SCM principles, e-business strategies, global standards and the implementation of enabling technologies. The GS1 community has over one million corporate members spanning over 150 countries and economies and more than 20 industries around the world. For more information about GS1 Hong Kong, please visit: http://www.gs1hk.org.

About Hong Kong Public Key Infrastructure Forum

Hong Kong Public Key Infrastructure Forum (HKPKIF) was established on 21 October 2002 as a non-profit distributing organisation established to promote knowledge about, and wider usage of, PKI products and services. It currently has over 50 corporate members, including entities of the HKSAR Government, other NGOs, universities, professional services firms as well as commercial enterprises.

For more information, please visit http://www.hkpkiforum.org.hk