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News Highlights

Renowned singer-songwriters display diversity of pop talent for Shanghai Expo (with photos)

Hong Kong's talented singer-songwriters added their charisma and creativity to Hong Kong Week at Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) today (October 21) with their opening performance of the "Generation Singer-Songwriters Concert".

Performers included at17, ketchup, Fama, Swing, Louis Cheung, Pong Nan, Chet Lam, Peco Chui, Jonathan Wong, Vicky Fung, Takki Wong, Yoyo Sham and special guest Wong Ka-keung.

As one of the Hong Kong Week programmes, the "Generation Singer-Songwriters Concert" comprised three sessions at Celebration Square in Expo Park in Pudong, with a second concert scheduled for tomorrow.

The free concert today was well-received, attracting Expo visitors from around the world.

Wong Ka-keung and the curator and producer of the concert, Wong Chi-chung, are mainstays of Hong Kong's music world. As a seasoned rocker and a senior DJ respectively, they see Shanghai Expo as an opportunity to introduce Hong Kong's musical talent to a global audience.

"They are all singer-songwriters of different types," said Wong Chi-chung.

"This is a golden opportunity to let the world know that Hong Kong music is highly diversified and international."

Wong said that Wong Ka-keung is an ideal role model for the new singer-songwriters.

"Being a famous singer-songwriter from the 80s and also a band legend in Hong Kong, his participation in the concert makes the whole project complete," he said.

Chet Lam has been organising concerts for various singers over the years, while his debut album "Pillow" underpinned his role as a pioneer of urban folk in Hong Kong.

The English songs composed by indie band "ketchup" have a Hong Kong flavour but are different from mainstream local pop music, while the popular rap and hip hop duo Fama have adopted a mission to spread hip hop culture in Hong Kong.

After graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Louis Cheung has become one of Hong Kong's leading singer-songwriters. He and newcomer Jonathan Wong are raising the bar for singing, composing and dance.

Another star of the concert is Yoyo Sham, the daughter of local celebrities John Sham and Tina Liu. Her speciality is fresh Mandarin ballads accompanied only by an acoustic guitar and a harmonica.

For the sunshine duo Swing, the concert may be their last live collaboration, providing an extra special element to the concert, which has a unique format.

"The singer-songwriters are divided into three teams, each of them performing two sets of music," Wong said.

"They perform their captivating solo performances or crossovers to deliver the best music and improvisations to the audience."

The programme for Hong Kong Week, from October 18 to 22, includes "Cantonese Opera Performances" by the Hong Kong Children and Juvenile Chinese Opera Troupe; "Contemporary Jazz featuring Ted Lo and Eugene Pao" by the Hong Kong Fringe Club, and "A Soldier's Story" by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

For full details and ticketing information, please visit the Event Calendar section on Hong Kong's Expo website, www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk.