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News Highlights

HK's Expo 2010 exhibition wins international design accolade

An exhibition on Hong Kong's participation in World Expo 2010 Shanghai China has received an international design accolade.

The German-based iF Communication Design Award was presented to the HKSAR's Expo 2010 exhibition in the 'corporate architecture' category, which includes exhibitions and events, as well as communications media for public spaces.

The exhibition was first staged in Hong Kong in October last year at the old Central Police Station, and will be reprovisioned for a two-week display at the Exhibition Centre of World Expo 2010 Shanghai Expo from July 1.

The exhibition is in two parts.

One part highlights Hong Kong's 'unlimited potential' by bringing out the themes of connectivity and creativity that will be part of the Hong Kong Pavilion experience at Expo 2010.

Another part explains Hong Kong's participation in Expo 2010's Urban Best Practices Area under the theme 'smart card, smart city, smart life'.

The exhibition included several eye-catching design elements, including a mirror-room to symbolise Hong Kong's openness, transparency and infinite potential; a room of interlinking text and photos; and a fluorescent lime-green string screen that provided a 3D-type effect for the UBPA video.

The iF Design Award was started in 1953 and is regarded globally as a prestigious trademark for outstanding design.

This year's judging panel included design and communications leaders from Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Taiwan.

The exhibition was commissioned by the HKSAR Government's Information Services Department, and designed by Hong Kong-based Oval Design Limited.