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News Highlights

CS inspects Hong Kong's preparatory work for Shanghai Expo (with photos)

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, today (February 9) inspected the progress of construction of the Hong Kong Pavilion in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

As chairman of the Steering Committee on HKSAR's Participation in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai, Mr Tang inspected the Hong Kong Pavilion site. He listened to reports by relevant departments and the contractor on the construction of the pavilion and the installation of exhibits. Mr Tang was pleased to note that the relevant works were proceeding on schedule. He directed relevant departments to continue to adhere to schedule and ensure safety and quality of the project.

The super-structure of the Hong Kong Pavilion was completed last October. Installation of the external facade has been largely completed, and interior fitting-out and installation of exhibits are in progress. The relevant works will be completed in April.

Mr Tang also inspected the preparatory work of Hong Kong's participation in the Urban Best Practices Area Exhibition. Relevant departments are taking forward the design and installation of the exhibition, which will be completed for trial run in April.

Mr Tang returned to Hong Kong this evening.