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News Highlights

Green rooftop guarantee for Hong Kong Pavilion (with photos/video)

"Green" collaboration between Hong Kong and Shanghai will ensure a vibrant and verdant rooftop display for the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) from May to October.

The theme of the pavilion rooftop is "Connect to Nature", illustrating Hong Kong's closeness to nature and highlighting the fact that country parks and green belt areas make up some 70% of Hong Kong's total land mass.

Nurseries in Shanghai as well as Guangdong will assist in supplying the lush vegetation for the rooftop displays comprising three main areas:

* a woodland area planted with about 40 trees;

* wetland ecological habitats with artificial water scene and wooden walkway;

* surrounding walls with pixel images depicting Hong Kong's interaction with its natural surroundings and close proximity to nature.

Mainland nurseries will supply more than 1,000 plants and trees for the pavilion including Chinese banyan and camphor trees which are common in Hong Kong.

"The plants and trees have been grown under temperature-controlled conditions in Shanghai because the winters there are colder than in Hong Kong," said Ms Chan Hoi-ming, Chief Project Manager of the Architectural Services Department.

"To ensure the vegetation display is maintained in tiptop condition, reserve vegetation will replace any original plants and trees that are adversely affected by the conditions in Shanghai during the Expo.

"Also, the displays will comply with certain criteria to meet floor loading capacity and be no higher than 3.5 metres."

As well as showcasing Hong Kong's rich natural heritage and the co-existence of urban and countryside areas, the "green" rooftop will help to insulate the Hong Kong Pavilion and keep the interior cool in the summer heat.

In addition to the heat-absorbing vegetation, there will be a number of other "green" elements built into the pavilion to tie in with Shanghai Expo's overriding theme of "Better City, Better Life". These include solar panels to generate electricity, water cascades that cool the interior air, heat-reflecting glass, energy-efficient air conditioning and recyclable building materials.

Hong Kong's participation at Shanghai Expo is titled: "Hong Kong: Potential Unlimited". As well as showcasing the city's connectivity to nature through its rooftop display, a huge transparent middle level of the pavilion illustrates Hong Kong's openness and connectivity to ideas while the ground-floor level reflects Hong Kong's global connectivity.

Each month during the Expo period a different theme will promote Hong Kong's participation in this mega event with May's focus being "Green City".

Visitors will be able to learn more about Hong Kong's fascinating natural habitats and participate in various activities including a seminar on "Green Technologies, Planning and Opportunities" as well as visit the "Green Living in Hong Kong" exhibition at the atrium of the Hong Kong Pavilion.

For more details on Hong Kong's participation in the Shanghai Expo, please visit www.hkexpo2010.gov.hk .