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News Highlights

Hong Kong Design Centre to Showcase Creative Leadership in Shanghai Exhibition

Hong Kong designers to unleash innovation at “Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies” exhibition – A Hong Kong SAR programme for Expo 2010 Shanghai

SHANGHAI, 2 April 2010 – The Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) today announced a six-month multi-faceted programme entitled “Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies – Business, Living, Creativity” to promote the energy, style, innovation and branding power of Hong Kong designers to the mainland China and global audiences.

“Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies – Business, Living, Creativity” a part of the Hong Kong SAR programme for Expo 2010 Shanghai promotional series, will be launched in mid May and run until end of October.

It will be staged at a new creative cluster The Bridge 8, Phase 3 at 550 Jumen Road, Luwan District, in Shanghai. After the Expo period, the exhibition will move to the Hong Kong in early 2011.

The exhibition will place Hong Kong design and creativity firmly in the context of Hong Kong’s fast-evolving and cosmopolitan environment. It will reflect the eclectic ideas, high standards of governance, and links to the Pan Pearl River Delta and the world at large that make the city a hotbed of creativity, a fertile fusion of modern design and cultural heritage, and a magnet for overseas talent.

The exhibition will feature the iconic works of hallmark names such as Raman Hui, Kan Tai Keung, Michael Lau, Tommy Li and Vivienne Tam, and cover genres from fashion and luxury goods to product and spatial design.

HKDC Chairman Victor Lo said “Our partnership with the Hong Kong SAR Government in promoting design during the Shanghai World Expo period leverages this high-profile event and maximises the exposure of Hong Kong designers and design businesses. Audiences from around the world will be able to see the range and quality of our design industries at this global event.”

The Head of Create Hong Kong, a Hong Kong SAR Government department funding the programme, Mr Jerry Liu, welcomes HKDC’s initiative and encourages all Hong Kong visitors to Shanghai during the Expo period to visit the Jumen Road exhibition. "This is a great opportunity to showcase the design excellence and unswerving commitment to quality of our creative industries. We are proud that they are putting their talent and innovation on display during the staging of this mega global event in Shanghai," he said.

Exhibition curator and renowned designer Kai-Yin Lo said the exhibition would illustrate Hong Kong’s creative ecologies, that is, the historical, geographic, social, cultural and economic assets that have powered the city’s path from a manufacturing power to a services hub and to a creative city in progress.

Other key contributors to the exhibition include visual director Stanley Wong; spatial designer Joey Ho; new media artist Henry Chu; and lighting expert Teddy Lo. Their aim is to generate an innovative and high-impact, interactive experience for visitors.

To supplement and complement the exhibition, the HKDC will organise a series of events including two conferences on creative industries, shows featuring the work of young designers, and workshops featuring past winners of the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Awards. There will also be a six-day tour to Shanghai for design students and young designers.

The exhibition, conferences and workshops will appeal to all those attending the Shanghai World Expo, as well as urban planners, designers, and design experts and professionals in the Greater China region.

About the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)

Since Hong Kong Design Centre’s inception in 2001, it has been a key player partnering with the Hong Kong SAR Government in promoting design. It collaborates with local, mainland and international industries and business partners as well as design and educational institutions to encourage creativity, a wider use of design in the business processes, raise designers’ professional standards, and promote a greater appreciation in the community of how design contributes to a better quality of life.

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Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies
Business, Living, Creativity
Organiser: Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC)
Admission: Free
Website: www.creativeecologies.hk
Shanghai exhibition
Date: Mid May – End of Oct 2010
Venue: The Bridge 8, Phase 3
550 Jumen Road, Luwan District, Shanghai
Hong Kong exhibition
Date: Early 2011
Venue: To be confirmed

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Hong Kong Design Centre
Contact: Elaine Chow / Jaime Chan
Telephone: +852 3586-3015 / -3024
Fax: +852 2892 2621
E-mail: elaine.chow@hkdesigncentre.org / jaime.chan@hkdesigncentre.org