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News Highlights

Hong Kong to stage a feast of events at Expo, says CS

Hong Kong is gearing up to stage a feast of events and activities during the six-month Expo period, the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, said today (March 21).

Mr Tang said more than 55 events had been lined up for the Expo period, including an exciting performing arts programme, exhibitions, seminars, and major promotional activities for the tourism, design and branding, and film sectors.

Exhibitions and promotions on photography, fashion as well as comics and animation were also planned.

"We are aiming to make a big splash in Shanghai during the Expo period," said Mr Tang.

"Expo provides us with a great opportunity to showcase the talent, creativity, innovation and quality of our people to both national and global audiences."

"I know from my own close involvement in Expo preparations that everyone planning these events will be pulling out all stops to make each one a great success that will not only reflect positively on Hong Kong, but also underscore our commitment to contribute wholeheartedly to Shanghai's Expo efforts."

Hong Kong Week, from October 18 to 22, would provide a tremendous opportunity to showcase Hong Kong's creative talent, with about 20 events and activities planned around that time both inside and outside the Expo Park.

Ceremonial events are also planned to mark the opening of the Hong Kong Pavilion and Hong Kong's Urban Best Practices Area exhibition on May 1, Reunification Day on July 1, and Hong Kong Week on October 18.

Highlights of the six-month programme would include:

* A major promotion by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in June, which will include high-profile exposure, activities and events in the prime areas of Xintiandi and Huaihai Road shopping precinct.

* A premium 'Style Hong Kong Show' by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in a prime Nanjing Road East pedestrian mall from October 15 to 19.

* A six-month exhibition – "Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies" – by the Hong Kong Design Centre to promote Hong Kong's strengths and expertise in design, branding and creative industries. The exhibition will be curated by renowned designer Kai-yin Lo and include workshops, seminars and professional exchanges.

* Thematic exhibitions inside the Hong Kong Pavilion each month on different topics, including green living, transport and connectivity, 'One Country, Two Systems', banking, the artworks by Professor Jao Tsung-i and the creativity of Hong Kong industries.

* Conferences and seminars on green technologies, Hong Kong's connectivity, legal services, financial services, creative industries and investment promotion.

* An eclectic array of performing arts programmes on dance, classical music, Cantonese Opera, theatre, western opera, swing, jazz as well as performances by the Hong Kong Police Band.

* Two major art exhibitions.

A rundown of the events and activities is attached at Annex.