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News Highlights

Special stamp issue - "Hong Kong's Participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China" (with photos)

Hongkong Post today (April 13) announced that a set of special stamps on "Hong Kong's Participation in Expo 2010 Shanghai China" will be released for sale together with associated philatelic products on April 27.

The Shanghai Expo with the theme "Better City, Better Life" will be held on both sides of the Huangpu River from May 1 to October 31. Hong Kong is participating in this event of international significance and has set up a pavilion to promote some of its unique attributes as Asia's world city.

In order to mark this memorable occasion, a set of four stamps on the concept of "Hong Kong - Potential Unlimited" will be produced. It integrates a captivating view of Victoria Harbour as background with pictorial images of a dragon dance, a green leaf, the Tsing Ma Bridge and a smart card. This design underscores the allure of Hong Kong as a metropolis with a pluralist culture, sustainable development, global connectivity and vibrant creativity.

Apart from the stamps and souvenir sheet, a new philatelic product made up of four adjoined souvenir sheets will be introduced by Hongkong Post to symbolise the convergence of visitors from around the world in Shanghai.

Official first day covers at $1 each will be available from all post offices from today (April 13), while the stamps and associated philatelic products will be displayed at the General Post Office, Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, Tsuen Wan Post Office and Shatin Central Post Office on the same day. Advance orders for servicing self-provided covers are accepted at all philatelic offices from April 13 to 19.

Information about the special stamp issue may be obtained from the website of Hongkong Post at www.hongkongpost.com.