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News Highlights

SCED inspects HK's preparation for UBPA Exhibition in Shanghai Expo (with photos)

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mrs Rita Lau, visited Shanghai early this week to inspect the preparatory work for Hong Kong's participation in the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) Exhibition at Shanghai Expo. Mrs Lau was glad to see the exhibition installation work making very good progress.

Built around the theme "Smart Card‧Smart City‧Smart Life", the Hong Kong UBPA Exhibition will highlight Hong Kong's unique strengths in connectivity and innovation. It will demonstrate Hong Kong's high quality city life and its leading position as a city of creativity through showing Hong Kong's successful experience in the extensive use of smart card technology in daily city life.

The Hong Kong UBPA Exhibition will also demonstrate various applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The Hong Kong UBPA Exhibition is designed to be innovative, highly interactive and forward-looking. Simulation devices, multi-media technology, animation and videos are used to enhance the visitor experience. Through an interactive device, the virtual hosts in the exhibition will show visitors the extensive use of smart cards and RFID technology in the daily life of Hong Kong people.

During the visit, Mrs Lau had hands-on experience with the interactive exhibits. She made various fine-tuning recommendations on the lighting, sound effects, operational flow and crowd control mechanisms, to ensure that the exhibition is fully geared up for the opening.

The Urban Best Practices Area is a new concept included in the Shanghai Expo 2010 to underscore the Expo theme of "Better City, Better Life". UBPA exhibits have been chosen on a competitive basis, with applications screened by a committee that included members from United Nations agencies, international organisations and Mainland authorities. Of more than 100 applications, some 50 were approved for the UBPA, including Hong Kong's proposal.