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News Highlights

SCED encourages young ambassadors to enjoy Expo experience (with photos)

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mrs Rita Lau, today (May 1) met a group of young Hong Kong ambassadors at Hong Kong's Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) Exhibition in Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo) and encouraged them to make full use of the opportunity to show the world Hong Kong's vitality while broadening their own horizons.

The ambassadors are on a sponsored visit to Shanghai under the "Shanghai Expo x Creative Ecologies Study Tour" programme. They will be stationed at Hong Kong's UBPA Exhibition to introduce the city's different facets to visitors and share with them their personal experiences of the city.

The programme is organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture with sponsorship from Create Hong Kong of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. Besides having the opportunity to assist in Expo related work and to tour various pavilions, participants will also visit creative industries clusters in Shanghai and have exchanges with local creative sectors to learn about the development of creative industries both in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

"The programme not only provides a platform to showcase Hong Kong youngsters' vibrancy and creativity, but also helps the nurturing of young creative talent, enriching their understanding of creative ecology in both cities and widening their vision," Mrs Lau said.

She encouraged the ambassadors to take this opportunity to immerse themselves in the exposure to various cultures and an abundance of creativity, and share with more people their first-hand experiences to demonstrate Hong Kong's diversity and dynamism.

The programme has 80 participants, 20 of whom have already started their activities in Shanghai. The other 60 participants will set off in batches in June, September and October to participate in the creative sector events organised by the government and related partners.

For more about the ambassadors' experiences, please visit www.m-a-d.asia/expo-blog/.