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News Highlights

Hong Kong selected for Urban Best Practice Area Exhibition at Shanghai Expo 2010

The Bureau of the Shanghai World Expo Co-ordination today (April 2) announced that Hong Kong's proposal to participate in the Urban Best Practice Area (UBPA) Exhibition at the World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China (the Expo) had been accepted. The Government welcomed the decision, noting it was an excellent opportunity to showcase Hong Kong's quality city life and position as a creative capital.

The Expo would be held in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31, 2010. The organiser plans to provide 55 lots for participating cities to exhibit their successful cases in enhancing the quality of city life. The organiser received 106 applications from 87 cities all over the world. All applications were examined by an international selection committee comprising representatives from relevant agencies from the United Nations, international organisations and relevant Mainland authorities, as well as urban administrators and researchers. The Expo 2010 is the first to introduce the UBPA exhibition which is set to become one of the highlights of the event.

The Government will join hands with the local creative industries in participating in the UBPA exhibition. Taking into account views from the local industries, an application was submitted to the selection committee in January this year. Titled "Smart Card, Smart City, Smart Life", the proposal features the smartcard systems that Hong Kong is proud of - Octopus Card and Smart ID Card - to demonstrate how we extensively use innovative ways to improve efficiency in everyday city life and promote the connectivity within the city and with other parts of the world.

Apart from presenting the successful cases, the Government plans to explore the use of smartcard applications in various community areas in the coming one or two years. These innovative cases will also be featured at the UBPA exhibition to demonstrate Hong Kong's commitment to pioneering innovation in society, providing creative and citizen-centric services, and crafting a better and sustainable future.

The design of the exhibition pavilion will be innovative and forward-looking. Simulation devices, multi-media technology, animation and video will be used to enhance the appeal to visitors. There will be interactive elements inside the pavilion for visitors to personally experience how the use of smartcards will help make urban life more efficient and productive.

The Government will seek funding approval from the Legislative Council for the participation in the Expo, and will collaborate with the local creative industries to participate in the UBPA in full swing to make use of the opportunity to promote Hong Kong's brand and tap new markets.

The World Exposition is staged every five years. As at March 2008, 197 places and international organisations would exhibit at the event which is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors. Besides particpating in the UBPA exhibition, the Government also plans to construct a Hong Kong Pavilion and organise a series of activities to promote Hong Kong and in coordination with the overall arrangements of the Expo.