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News Highlights

CS meets the media after Expo 2010 Shanghai China opening ceremony (with video)

Following is the transcript (English portion) of the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, after officiating at the opening ceremony of the "Expo 2010 Shanghai China - Hong Kong Promotion Week" cum "Exhibition on Shanghai Expo 2010 and the history of World Expos" at the Central Police Station Compound this morning (October 12):

Chief Secretary: I am very pleased that today we have opened the first activity of the 2010 Shanghai Expo Hong Kong Promotion Week. I am very pleased that it is held in this historical Central Police Station Compound. It is a very good example that how a historical building, that's over 150 years old, can be used for other purposes and to preserve the history and heritage of Hong Kong. I urge everyone, especially you guys when you've finished interviewing us, go in and take a look at how old buildings can be preserved and put to good use.

Reporter: What have impressed you most in the exhibition?

Chief Secretary: Actually it is a very informative and interesting exhibition because it has historical value and it traces back some of the previous Expos. It also gives us very interesting, first hand impressions showing what the Hong Kong exhibition will look like, what will be the emphasis and the theme of the Hong Kong exhibition. Firstly, people are able to see how historical buildings can be preserved and used. And secondly, it gives the anticipation for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. I am sure it will be very interesting and it would attract a lot of tourists to go there.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript)