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News Highlights

World Expo agreement signed in Shanghai (With photos)

The Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, today (October 20) in Shanghai signed an agreement on Hong Kong's participation in the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) at the World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China.

Mr So signed the agreement with the Chairman of Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co Ltd Mr Bai Wen-hua, on behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Shanghai World Expo Co-ordination Bureau respectively.

To be held from May 1 to October 31 in 2010, the Shanghai Expo will provide 55 lots for selected cities to exhibit their successful cases in enhancing the quality of city life in the UBPA. The UBPA exhibition is a debut feature at the Shanghai Expo and an event highlight, presenting an excellent opportunity for Hong Kong to showcase its quality city life and position as a creative capital.

Taking into account views from local industries, the Government submitted a proposal entitled "Smart Card, Smart City, Smart Life" in January this year, and was selected among the 106 applications received from 87 cities all over the world as a case study to be featured in one of the exhibition halls in the centre of the UBPA.

Under the proposed theme, the exhibition will showcase Hong Kong's innovative ways to improve efficiency in everyday city life and standard of living through the extensive use of smart cards, thus echoing the Shanghai Expo's theme of "Better City, Better Life".

The design of the UBPA exhibition will be innovative, participatory and forward-looking. Simulation devices, multi-media technology, animation, video, etc will be used to enhance the appeal of the exhibition to the visitors. The Government will also engage the local creative industry in preparing for the exhibition to showcase their achievements and high standard, and grasp the opportunity to promote Hong Kong's brand and tap new markets.

The World Exposition is staged every five years. As at October 13, 2008, 224 places and international organisations will exhibit at the event which is expected to attract more than 70 million visitors. Besides participating in the UBPA exhibition, the Government also plans to construct a Hong Kong Pavilion and organise a series of activities to promote Hong Kong and in co-ordination with the overall arrangements of the Shanghai Expo.