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News Highlights

Contract signed for Hong Kong Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 (with photos/video)

The Government today (December 15) signed a design and build contract for the Hong Kong Pavilion at World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo).

The contract has been awarded to Gammon Construction Ltd and comes just two days before the 500-day countdown (December 17) to the start of Expo 2010.

Architectural Services Department Project Director, Mr Peter Yuen, signed the contract on behalf of the Government with Gammon Construction Ltd Chief Executive, Mr Thomas Ho.

The contract includes the detailed design and construction of the Hong Kong Pavilion, interior fitting out, exhibition works, landscaping, maintenance, and dismantling after the Expo.

Site preparation works on the Pavilion will start by the end of the year. The Pavilion will be finished by early 2010 for commissioning and testing ahead of the Expo opening on May 1, 2010.

The awarding of the contract was welcomed by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Henry Tang, who chairs the Steering Committee that oversees Hong Kong’s participation in the Shanghai Expo.

“Hong Kong’s participation in Expo 2010 will provide us with a great opportunity to showcase the connectivity, creativity and unique character of our city,” said Mr Tang.

“We look forward to working with the contractor to develop a distinctive pavilion that will provide visitors with a memorable and positive experience of Hong Kong.”

The Hong Kong Pavilion will stand on a site close to the China National Pavilion in Pudong, and will have an exhibition area of about 800 square metres.

The Pavilion design is based on the winning entry - the "Pavilion of Infinity" - of a Concept Design Competition held by the Government earlier this year.

The main theme of the Pavilion will be "Hong Kong – A City with Unlimited Potential".

The Pavilion will have three levels and a sleek, contemporary look to showcase the "infinite" imagination and creativity of Hong Kong and its people.

Gammon’s Chief Executive, Mr Thomas Ho, said his company was delighted to have been awarded the contract.

“We are committed to delivering a development project of the highest quality,” he said.

The Shanghai Expo will be held from May to end-October 2010 at the waterfront of Huangpu River between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge.

Under the theme "Better City, Better Life", the Shanghai Expo will provide a platform for participating countries and organisations to exchange experiences and ideas on urban development, and explore new approaches to eco-friendly lifestyles, working conditions and sustainable development.

Apart from the stand-alone Pavilion, Hong Kong will also participate in the Urban Best Practices Area Exhibition that will highlight the extensive use of smart card technology in the city.

During the six-month Expo period, a range of activities promoting Hong Kong will also be held, including a Hong Kong Week in October 2010.