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Upcoming Events

“Hong Kong: Creative Ecologies —Business, Living, Creativity” Design Exhibition

Organiser: Hong Kong Design Centre
Date: May 15 – October 31
Venue: The Bridge 8, Phase 3, 550 Jumen Road, Luwan District, Shanghai
Time: 10am – 7pm daily

“Hong Kong : Creative Ecologies – Business, Living, Creativity” consists of a series of exhibitions and fringe programmes to highlight to a global audience the innovation, competitive edge, multi-cultural and entrepreneurial spirit of Hong Kong designers.

The exhibition presents a compelling and persuasive story about Hong Kong as a creative work in progress, how creative ecologies – physical, social, economic and cultural have fostered Hong Kong’s ability to harness and attract the creative class worldwide. It displays the energy, style, innovation and branding power of Hong Kong’s design industry and the creative community clustered around it.

Official Website : http://www.creativeecologies.hk/news

Press Releases:

July 19, 2010 Dialogue between young creative talents of Hong Kong and Shanghai to inject vigour into Hong Kong Creative Ecologies
May 15, 2010 FS officiates at Hong Kong Design Centre Exhibition opening in Shanghai


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