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Upcoming Events

Yat Po Singers "Rock Hard"

Date: May 8
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Drama Theatre, Shanghai Grand Theatre

A cacophony of Trebles, Tenors, Baritones and Basses.
A colony of Troubles, Tenements, Barristers and Bars.
When the day in the hills still lingered on,
A hundred legends have come and gone.
Exasperated expatriates expectedly explain their epics.
A hoary hombre hacks and hews the hills.
Hard rock is hardly rocked when everything rocks.

Rock Hard – an edgy musical theatre production featuring a group of young a capella singers and a female dancer – looks at the history of Hong Kong from a new perspective, turning Amah Rock folklore on its head. An allegory that shuttles between urban and rural areas and a sentimental journey that views Hong Kong with nostalgia and hope.

Rock Hard was premiered at the Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival 2008 and won the 2009 CASH Golden Sail Music Award for Best Serious Music Composition.

Chorus: Yat Po Singers
Dancer: Mui Cheuk-yin
Clarinetist: Leung Chi-shing
Concept: Yuri Ng, Ng Cheuk-yin, Patrick Chiu
Composer/ Lyricist: Ng Cheuk-yin
Choral Director/ Conductor: Patrick Chiu
Stage Director/ Designer: Yuri Ng
Lyricist: Jessie Youseehand.

Ticket price: RMB 220, 180, 120

Approx 1 hour 10 minutes
In Cantonese

Counter Booking from March 29
Booking Hotline: (86 21) 6386 2836
Online Booking:
Shanghai Grand Theatre
Shanghai East Ticket
Programme Enquiries:
(852) 9761 9991 (HK)

Hong Kong performance:
Apr 22 8pm
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre
Ticketing Enquiries: (852) 2734 9009/ www.urbtix.hk

Presented by
Shanghai Spring International Music Festival

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